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History & Evolution of Medical Aid in Disa

05/02/2009 17:27


History & Evolution of Medical Aid in Disa





Retd. Director of Medical Services,

 Gujarat State,


I first came to Disa in 1950, after passing M.B.B.S.from Madras University (securing 1st Rank with Distinction). I had come to meet my relatives who had settled here after migrating from Sind due to partition of India.


At that time, there was a small Govt. Hospital near the present Chaudhri Petrol pump. There was no qualified private medical practitioner in the town. Some 2-3 non-qualified compounderscum dressers were giving Injections, Tablets & Dressings etc. to the patients. Among them Laxmanbhai Thakore was popular. Serious and complicated cases were taken to Palanpur in civil hospital or shown to Dr. Syed Idris M.R.C.P. who was a nice senior physician. Many affording patients also used to go to Anand in a Mission Hospital where Dr.Cook was a kind popular doctor. In Disa Dr.Sardarsinh Thakur though unqualified had good general practice. In Disa Dr.Jayantibhai Parikh had his clinic in Sadar Bazaar.


For Medicines, there was a small “Popular Medical Store” in Sdar Bazaar. And another shop of Kantilal Lalubhai who used to keep some common medicines. Then was started Bhagwan Medical Store.Dr. Gulbani was practicing near it. He was R.M.P.

There was a charitable clinic near Jail which was run by Patel Jethalal Umedram’s family. Disa Municipality had started one charitable dispensary for public. It was run by a senior practitioner Dr.R.V.Patel M.B.B.S.; D.C.H. for some time.


Afterwards Govt. Hospital was shifted to Hari Manzil- a place palace like building of Nawab of Palanpur which was taken over by the Govt.-where it is running at present also.

The old Govt. Dispensary was acquired by Doshi family (Chimanlal & his brothers) and it was run by them. The first doctor Dr. Haribhai Parikh who was practicing at Panthawada was brought here. Later he shifted to Eye Hospital at Palanpur.and Dr.Bhogilal Shah L.C.P.S. was appointed in this clinic where he worked for years till he started his own practice. In the afternoon he used to visit the branch at Rajpur.


Seeing this field, good for private practice I started my clinic as a First qualified Medical Graduate in Disa. The opening was done by Sheth Lacchaji Hinduji Mali who was potato cultivator and grand old man of the town.


I was doing very well but I always had a desire to go for post graduate studies in surgery. Soon I got a direct appointment as Chief Medical Officer of civil hospital at Navsari and I joined there. Later, I was transferred to civil hospital Ahmedabad where I passed M.S. (Gen.Surgery). When Disa hospital was upgraded to class-1, I was transferred to it, as First Superintendent of the Hospital (so I was First Surgeon in Disa.).

 Dr. H.V.Rathod M.B.B.S. (a son of this soil) who was a very clever and enthusiastic man and his wife Dr.Suvarnaben started their private hospital and maternity home. Dr. Rathod later became president of Disa municipality. During this time branch of I.M.A. was started here. After sometime Dr. Rajani Shah M.S. & his wife Dr.Mayaben Shah M.D. (Gynaec) started their hospital here. After some years they shifted to Ahmedabad. Dr.Nayak & Dr.Mrs.Nayak also had their private hospital here and later shifted to Gandhidham. In 1975 Dr.Prabodh Parmar M.S. also started his surgical hospital. He is resident of Disa. ☻ Before that in 1968 Dr. Navivbhai Shah started his practice. He is a Nature loving modest man with a broad outlook which includes not only humankinds but also botany, zoology and spiritual psychology.


The First qualified post graduate Eye Surgeon in Disa-Dr.Kishor Asnani M.S.; D.O. started his Mohan Eye Hospital in 1977. In 1979 Dr.Suresh Gupta M.D. started as First Consulting Physician in Disa in his Saraswati Rog Nidan Kendra. In dental field Dr.Champak Jalmora and Dr.Dhiraj Parikh are the pioneers.


In 1982 Bhansali Trust started Gandhi Lincon Hospital for the public. It is doing good service to the suffering population. Some doctors after serving there for sometime have later started private practice in Disa and are doing well.


By now potentiality of medical field in Disa was realized by medical world and gradually many other qualified specialists friends have settled in Disa. Thus it has flourished to the present state in which we all work, serve and enjoy. Now Disa has a good medical field in North Gujarat.



I have tried to recollect and put to pen, the above facts. I know there will be some omit ions and mistakes here and there. I request to be pardoned for the same.


As months and years go sliding by,

And on this page, you cast your eye,

Remember it was a friend sincere,

Who left his kind remembrance here.



Dr Bharat Makwana M.D.


02744 221230

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